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The Artist

Emma Magnussen was born and raised in Oakdale, California. Since a young girl she has been fulfilling her passion for art through diverse mediums such as music, fashion, painting, and drawing. In 2019 she moved to O'ahu Hawai'i to study at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. After graduating in 2023 with an entrepreneurship major she embarked on her vision to start her own art based business.
Self expression has always been an important aspect to Emma's life and she enjoys creating art that encapsulates that.  With this business she looks to share her zeal for art while connecting people through artistic expression. Getting inspiration from unique experiences, people and places, Emma conveys her personality and perspective through her pieces. Furthermore, Emma looks to cultivate self expression and the conversational magic that sparks from it. She aspires to inspire others to decorate themselves and the world with vibrant expression.

The Sustainability

Our Kraft Boxes are made out of 100% recycled kraft cardboard making them 100% recyclable and compostable. Tissue paper used in packaging is made out of 30% recycled material and 70% new acid free virgin pulp. It is 100% recyclable and compostable. Our rigid heavy duty mailers are made out of 100% recycled chipboard allowing them to be recyclable and extremely durable. All packaging is FSC-Certified.

Art Prints:
Our clear flap seal bags, used to protect each art print, are made out of a plant-based PLA material and 100% compostable. The art prints are printed on a 100% cotton rag paper which is a renewable resource and processed without any harmful chemicals. We also have our fine art agave prints. These prints are produced with agave fibers, a sustainable fiber, aiding in a lower carbon footprint.

Tote Bags:

Our tote bags are made out of organic canvass and GOTS certified.

All prints, cards, tote bags, and packaging are made in the USA aiding in our emissions and carbon footprint. 

We will continue to incorporate more sustainable practices within Ema Jai Studio because it is a top priority. We are excited about these first steps into sustainable sourcing, and will continue to share about the improvements along the way! 

The Art Prints

All artwork is digital art hand drawn by Emma Jane Magnussen. Our matted prints are high quality giclée prints. Gliclée Paper Prints are certified archival, maintaing their color and quality for up to 100 years. Printed on an acid-free, 100% cotton rag paper with a bright white and smooth surface our prints excel in vibrancy with crisp detail.

All of our prints have an archival front mat and back mat so that they are ready to frame. We deliver our prints matted and backed because it not only adds elegant dimension to the artwork, but also provides extra support. Furthermore, the mat serves as a protectant by refraining the glass of a frame to come in direct contact with the print. Along with this, the mat allows the print to be handled without touching it directly. Our archival front mats are made out of 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fiber for longevity and protection against fade or bleed. The backing is Bainbridge® Alphamount ArtCare™ White Backing board which provides the highest quality of archival protection. Made from alpha cellulose, which is naturally acid-free, it ensures protection against pollutants, yellowing, and deterioration. To ensure standard sizing and effortless framing, slight cropping from the original artwork may occur.


Sun Daes

Located in International Market Place O'ahu Hawai'i - Sun Daes

Red Pineapple

Located in Kaimuki on O'ahu Hawai'i - Red Pineapple